Kinnarps' Skillingaryd factory to receive eco-label


Kinnarps' factory in Skillingaryd has been certified in accordance with FSC ®. FSC certification is a guarantee that the wood which is used in production comes from forests which have been managed in a responsible manner and that the origin has been checked.

"We now have an unbroken chain of custody in all of our own factories in Sweden which deliver timber products. This gives us a unique opportunity, subject to the availability of certified raw materials, to FSC certify all the products within our brand which are produced in Sweden," says Kinnarps' Corporate Environment Manager, Johanna Ljunggren.

FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council and is an independent, international membership organisation which works to promote environmentally appropriate, socially responsible and economically viable management of the world's forests. Kinnarps' target is for all wood used in its production to be FSC certified by 2020.

"As well as being certain that the wood which is used to produce our products comes from responsibly managed forests and that those working in the forestry have fair conditions, it is important for us also to consider the people who live close to the forest and who are affected by forest industry. FSC certification ensures that the forest is managed in a responsible manner," says Johanna Ljunggren.

One of Kinnarps' strategic targets is to promote biological diversity, something which FSC contributes to. The factory in Kinnarp has been certified since 2002 and over the years Kinnarps has, in addition, contributed to the development of the national standard for forest certification for FSC in Sweden.