Oberon – an ergonomic classic


Kinnarps' new table range is called Oberon after one of the main characters in ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by Shakespeare. This is very suitable as the table range is like a Shakespearean work of art - something unique and innovative that is based on classical grounds.

Oberon is designed with ergonomics in mind. It is long accepted that motion, exertion and proper recuperation are good for the body, yet nowadays we spend almost half of our waking hours at work, often sitting for hours on end at a table or desk. As a result, there is an increasing need for well-designed chairs and tables, which encourage movement and help to create healthy work postures. Oberon is such a table.

“These days, it’s a given that a table range will include a height-adjustable model. This was not the case 25 years ago when Kinnarps pioneered and launched its first height-adjustable table. This was a revolutionary step at the time; something new that was questioned by many.  But Kinnarps dared to go its own way and now we release the next version of height-adjustable tables. Also in this case we are trying to think outside the box and add more ergonomic functions, says Per Enskär, Kinnarps International Product Manager, Desks.

One problem with the height-adjustable model is that people do not always adjust their furniture. To overcome that resistance, through simpler height adjustment, Kinnarps has designed a new control unit for the Oberon range. The control unit allows you to pre-program the table so that it can set itself to different heights, like the driver-specific, stored electronic seat settings in a modern car. This function is primarily of benefit when many people use the same table and so it is ideal for use in an activity-based working environment. If the table ‘remembers’ the setting, there is a greater chance that users will work at the correct height and the table does not have to be finely adjusted every time a different person sits at it. 

The Oberon range is built on a smart platform, which makes it possible to easily complete or modify an interior solution. The range includes a desk, a meeting table and a coffee table and there are many options for a personalised finish - the underframe and tabletops can be combined in many different ways when it comes to shape, size and materials. The tabletops have chamfered edges which give a pleasant, floating appearance and the design of the feet complements the narrow, sleek legs. 

Kinnarps launches Oberon in 2014 and the table range will be sold in oak, beech or birch veneer, in walnut, oak, beech or birch laminate as well as in light grey, white and black colours. The underframe is available in silver, white or black colours or in a chrome finish. It is also possible to customise the table for those looking for a more personalised finish.

For questions during Stockholm Design Week, please contact:

Ida Gustafsson, press contact at Kinnarps AB
On phone: +46 (0)515 383 89
Email: ida.gustafsson@kinnarps.se
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