Value the Meeting!


We meet like never before - in real time, online, in real life, remotely, in long meetings, for short discussions, in project teams, to make decisions and to reinvent the wheel together. During Stockholm Design Week, Kinnarps will be recognising all types of meetings. It is time to ‘Value the Meeting!’

It is in our nature to meet. For thousands of years, people have been forced to collaborate and interact to survive and develop. In 2014 collaboration is about coming up with smart solutions, agreeing on the best way forward, solving problems or drawing up joint plans. The issues today may be completely different to those a thousand years ago but beyond this not much has changed. It is still about us having to work together to make the most of our brain capacity.

At Kinnarps we see a clear trend in today's working life; all over Europe we are meeting up to work together more. The forecast is that by 2020, 70% of our time at work will be spent collaborating with others.* At Kinnarps, we think this is an exciting development and a phenomenon worth focusing on,” says Paulina Lundström, Kinnarps Marketing & Communication Director.

To relect the ever increasing importance of collaboration in the workplace, Kinnarps ‘ exhibition stand at the Stockholm Furniture Fair displays meetings from many different angles. Six different rooms, each with  a unique character, are on show. On the stand, visitors encounter the spirit of effective cooperation, whether  for small or large groups, formal or impromptu, where participants can sit or stand and where support technology can easily be used.

We wanted to show the diversity in meeting environments to demonstrate that meetings can take place in many ways other than in a conventional conference room. The main issue when meeting is open mindedness and our minds are influenced by the environment in which we find ourselves,” says Paulina Lundström.

Kinnarps' new products are also on display in the six rooms. The products will be launched later in the year, and they are Oberon - a new ergonomic table range, Embrace - an embracing meeting chair, Libra - an exciting place to sit with one, two or three seats, and Combine - a coffee table with numerous combination options which is jointly displayed with Kinnarps' new task chair – Esencia.   

We think that meetings, as a way to work,  have developed a negative image that they do not deserve. We now want to alter this picture; meetings should be fun. In short, we want more people to like meetings,” says Paulina Lundström.  




For questions during Stockholm Design Week, please contact:

Ida Gustafsson, press contact at Kinnarps AB
On phone: +46 (0)515 383 89
You will find Kinnarps in Hall A, stand 27:3