The equation of a happy office


H=(T9+A8)+(F7+HC6)-B7… No, that's not the list of ingredients in Friday's coffee pastries, but an equation for how we can feel better in our workplaces. Among the most important components is... guess what? Interior design, of course!

The interior design company Peldon Rose conducted in-depth interviews with 1,000 office workers and came up with an equation in which H stands for 'Happiness', T for 'Trust', A for 'Appreciation', F for Frolleagues (Friends at work), HC for 'Home comforts' and B for 'Boredom'. The weighting of the equation mirrors the answers given in the investigation.

It was extremely clear, for example, how important it is that we are appreciated for our work and feel the support of managers and colleagues, but also that we have friendly relationships at work.

Another important factor for the happiness index is interior design: 65 per cent of respondents wish their workplace had more varied furnishings, and also say that drab interior design has a negative effect on their mood. It is noteworthy that only 27 per cent of those interviewed in the investigation said they had access to a meeting room, something which caused irritation.

"If you want to get the most out of your employees, you first of all have to create an office where every inch of floor space is exploited to create the best possible conditions for creativity and efficiency," says Jitesh Patel at Peldon Rose.