Have you heard of ergonomic storage?

We know where the cabinet should go

How can storage be ergonomic, you may ask? A cabinet is just a cabinet, isn’t it? Yes and no, we say. On one hand you can incorporate ingenious details such as roller shutters that open vertically or horizontally for example. But ergonomic storage is also a matter of how you use the cabinet and where it is placed. It is sometimes a good idea to put some storage a bit further away, providing an opportunity to get up and walk a few metres every day. In addition, a correctly placed and configured cabinet can be used for much more than storage - it can have a sound absorbing effect, for example, or be a surface for standing height meetings. This is both ergonomic and cost-effective.

“Many people may not realise how versatile storage furniture can be. Correctly used, it can make the office more ergonomic and practical.”
/Peter van Scheijndel Eur. Erg, director vhp ergonomie, Netherlands


Keep things neat and tidy with practical and ergonomic storage.


Sound absorption and storage all in one. The more you store, the less noise.


Meeting place with space for storage. Or maybe the other way around.


Archives where everything is easy to store and locate.


Divide the room with shared storage.