Basic Values

The basic values are important to us. They have a favourable effect on Kinnarps operations – all the way from how Kinnarps do business to how we interact with other people. They are a direct heritage from Kinnarps’ founders, Evy and Jarl Andersson, and contribute to our company’s success.

The basic values that a Kinnarps member always strives for:

Forward-thinking spirit and creativity

We endeavour to pursue development and to always see opportunities. We aim to be creative, dare to be different and dare to do what nobody else has done. We work effectively, persevere and always strive to do better.

Independence and professionalism

We endeavour to trust our own knowledge and skills and believe in the opportunities that present themselves. We perform our work in such a way that we can be proud of our profession and strive after personal development.

Honesty and humility

We endeavour to be open and honest in all communication and behave respectfully towards all people, regardless of their status or role. We comply with laws and regulations and keep promises.

Responsibility and understanding connections

We endeavour to take responsibility, be thrifty with resources and carry out operations in such a way that they can be sustained. We go to the source with problems and find out the real needs for long-term solutions. We understand connections, predict consequences, take all aspects into consideration, evaluate and balance.