Responsibility for quality

Kinnarps has always manufactured products that have been designed and engineered with quality in mind—designed to last in everyday use satisfying the customer.

 A useful tool for offensive product development is the testing operation. In 1994 Kinnarps’ lab facility was accredited by SWEDAC as Sweden’s first in-house testing laboratory for furniture. Since then the lab’s operations has been developed and refined. Today Kinnarps’ products are certified according to all relevant national and European standards. The testing operations do not only involve meeting old standards but also developing new ones.  As Kinnarps is one of the leading companies in the field, it is quite natural for Kinnarps to be committed in working for getting new standards established.

Quality is not relevant only to our products; it is also an essential ingredient in every part of the business, such as in expert and qualified staff in production and all the way down the line to our sales consultants. This was one of the reasons that Kinnarps was among the very first organisations to obtain certification under ISO 9001.

Quality for Kinnarps means also strong and creative partnerships. Kinnarps works effectively together with the network of partners to assure that not only does the four Kinnarps trademarks, but the whole interior solutions, meet the needs and expectations of our customers.