Production & logistics

Responsibility for the whole chain

The majority of Kinnarps’ products are manufactured from scratch, starting with the purchase of raw material and finishing in a final product, at one of the Kinnarps’ manufacturing plants.

Kinnarps has five factories which are located at Kinnarp, Skillingaryd, Jönköping, Vinslöv and Tranås in Sweden. These factories are among the most modern and efficient in Europe. Continuous improvement of the production processes is a key part of Kinnarps’ strategy - not just to speed up production and thus shorten delivery lead times but also to improve the quality of the products even further.

Kinnarp is the home of the largest production facility. In addition to machine shops for wooden components, the furniture is also assembled and all furniture delivered by Kinnarps trucks loads together from here. The manufacturing process involves processing wood products, such as fibreboard, solid wood and veneer. This facility has a production area of 115,000 m².

The factory at Skillingaryd manufactures all the furniture that incorporates padded upholstery. The manufacturing process includes cutting, stitching, joinery, surface treatment, upholstery and assembly. The facility has a production area of 26,000 m².
The factory at Jönköping manufactures all mechanisms for Kinnarps' office chairs and elevator tables and has a production area of 18,000 m².  The production process involves manufacturing work pieces, including punching, pressing, bending, joining, manual and robot welding and degreasing, lacquering and assembly.

The production facilities for Kinnarps independent trademarks, Skandiform and Materia are located in Vinslöv and Tranås. These production factories combine individual craftsmanship with new machines.

Kinnarps has also developed its own advanced logistics system, one that is characterised by efficiency and environmental thinking. Our goods are shipped in our own environmentally adapted trucks that run on eco-diesel and tyres without aromatic oils. We load the trucks to an average 91% capacity and always try to carry goods from our subcontractors on the return journey. Kinnarps’ haulage business comprises of more than 60 heavy trucks and nearly 175 swap-bodies.