Kinnarps Consulting Services

For projects with specific requirements

Some projects require specialist competence. Kinnarps can offer a broad range of consulting services – from project management to interior design. Thanks to our network of in-house and external specialists, we can satisfy most requirements. Kinnarps also offers financing solutions, such as preferential rental arrangements.





Kinnarps Ergonomy

From individuals to organisations – we help to create a balance of body and soul. Healthy workplaces are profitable workplaces. Kinnarps offers integrated solutions for the workplace that imply a carefully considered approach to ergonomics and health. Together with professional ergonomists, we suggest options that are dovetailed precisely to your type of company. Ergonomics means a balanced interplay between human beings and their environment. It’s quite simply a case of seeing how everything fits together – from muscular attachments and seating positions to relationships and organisational aspects.

Kinnarps Acoustics

From noise to confidentiality – we help you create pleasant work environments dovetailed to your company. Buildings and furniture in harmony. Sound affects our performance to a very high degree. Together with professional acoustics experts, we create efficient solutions designed specifically for your company. Every workplace is unique, as are the buildings. That’s why a pleasant sound ambience depends on knowing where to place people and how to furnish rooms with carpets, under-roofing, furniture, curtains and possibly partitions in an ergonomic way.

Kinnarps Lighting

With the right light in the right place – we help you achieve stimulating, flexible and cost-effective light solutions. Efficient, ergonomic and resource-saving. In order to feel well and be effective on the job, you need good light quality, in the form of both fixed lighting and optimal ways of taking advantage of daylight. Apart from that, at today’s workplaces we often change places and tasks and sit in front of computer monitors, all of which requires flexible lighting solutions. Together with our professional light partners, we can optimise the light quality of your workplace with solutions that minimise both costs and environmental impact.

Kinnarps Interior Design

Extra representational or efficient – we help you customise your interior design solutions. When form and function are decisive. Kinnarps Interior design is a specialist service for compa-nies demanding excellence in the design and functions of the workplace. Together with professional and experi-enced interior designers, we create representational, high-profile environments that harmonise with the specific needs of the workplace, both for individual rooms and the whole organisation.

Kinnarps Project Management

Control and planning – we facilitate them when you need them most. Secure leadership assures optimal order. Kinnarps Project management gives you professional help in handling interior design projects. The service comprises project operation, contact with consultants, time planning and quality control for processes such as relocation or refurnishing. Kinnarps Project management can also handle purely practical aspects such as occasional storage, inventorisation as well as operations and maintenance, including furniture cleaning and repairs.

Kinnarps Leasing & Rental

Our financing solutions permit better control and a broader scope of action. The combination of our Quickstart Stock and Finance options gets you fitted out now... with very low cost up front! 

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Kinnarps Reuse and recycling

Good for both environment and budget – we look after your used furniture and give new life to shabby interiors. Correct handling – a sound approach to resources. High-quality furniture constitutes a strong environmental argument – the average life of an office chair from Kinnarps is 15 years. Good quality means that chairs, desks and other furniture can be reused. Kinnarps can even collect used furniture to assure its appropriate recycling according to the cyclic principle. A lot can also be done simply by reviewing routines and engrained patterns – reuse instead of disposal. Kinnarps’ reconditioning and renovation service can restore older furniture to its former glory.