5 smart talks


What are the hottest trends and what are people talking about at workplaces around the world? Here are five of the most widely debated and viewed talks on Ted Talks right now. Here you go, be inspired!

1. OFFICE PHOBIA. Why is it so hard to actually work at work? Almost four million people have downloaded this thought-provoking and humorous talk where the author Jason Fried gets his point across very well concerning how strange it is that when have an important task to perform, we choose to do it at home, on a plane, in a restaurant ... anywhere except in the office.


2. DIVERSITY. How can we create a workplace free from prejudice and instead focus on diversity, equality and responsibility? Verna Myers is a world-leading researcher and, with experience from thousands of workplaces, she talks about a journey that begins within ourselves. So you can make a difference!


3. TEAM SPIRIT. Morgana Bailey calls herself a ”human resources activist” and is convinced that the road to success goes through the boundless workplace, where colleagues with different experiences and ages learn to work as a team.



4. GENERATION Y. Why are they so difficult? What are they thinking about? Many companies invest loads of energy and research in trying to understand a generation that is unlike any other. But what do the ”millennials” (people born after 1985) think about themselves and work? Watch this exciting talk by Patrice Thompson, who recently concluded her studies at London School of Economics.



5. SOCIAL COHESION. Most companies are driven by certain high-performance superstar coworkers who set the agenda for everyone else. Business writer Margaret Heffernan praises instead social cohesion as the driving force behind a company's success. To highlight her argument she uses the behaviour of chickens ... a must see for all managers with ambitions!