Back to the garage


There are few companies that are under such scrutiny as Google. So when the American corporate giant acquires new offices in Amsterdam, we have to pay them a visit, not forgetting how it all once started in a garage.

It sounds like the classic IT story. But when Larry Page and Sergey Brin started their company it was literally from scratch. The first Google office was for instance in Susan Wojcicki's garage in Menlo Park, CaliforniaThis was obviously a very creative environment: after Google Susan went on to set up Youtube.
Since then Google has become one of the most successful companies in the world with offices in every corner of the globe. The operational hub is in Silicon Valley, where one has access to everything from volleyball courts to 18 restaurants, tennis, spa facilities, a swimming pool, just to mention a few of the amenities. When it was time to renovate and extend the Amsterdam office, a decision was made to turn back time and recreate the garage feeling from the days when it all kicked off in the home of Susan Wojcicki. The office has the graffiti covered walls, moving boxes and the enormous hangar-like doors as it used to look. In contrast to how it was, all the materials used this time around are eco-friendly and all furniture is recycled.
Maybe this can be a source of inspiration to how other offices can be designed? If you are thinking of moving or renovating, then take a look at your past!