Don't save on the wrong things


The environment is vital for well-being and efficiency in a workplace. However, when an employer wants to make savings the wrong things tend to get prioritised.

Leesman+ is an English research company specialising in the careful analysis and compilation of data into what makes a good workplace and how this is achieved. In one extensive survey with more than 150,000 European office staff participating, they have identified the five most important factors in regards to well-being at the workplace.
1) Informal meetings with colleagues across departments.
2) Break- or leisure room for relaxation where one can socialise with colleagues.
3) Generous communal spaces.
4) Meeting room with the latest technology, for instance video conferences.
5) A varied assortment of small rooms where one can withdraw to work alone or with a smaller group of colleagues undisturbed.
The common denominator is that all five factors are related to the environment and the meetings between people. However, what is established in the study is that it is in these particular fields that the companies tend to wrongfully cut down on resources when trying to save money.  Something that immediately affects productivity.