Eco-friendly lighting


There is nothing new with using solar cells to power street lighting. IgenDesign has taken the environmental approach even further and designed wind-powered lights made from bamboo. This is a radical concept for windy cities.

Any windy coastal town renowned for its inclement weather should really have a closer look at IgenDesign's outdoor light Flow. Flow is based on the same principle used in new vertical wind turbines. Its simple design is entirely based on the properties of aerodynamics which allows the blades to utilise the energy in the wind and create movement. 
Flow was originally designed for the city of Cartagena in Colombia, where bamboo grows naturally and the wind blows all the time from the sea. It was only natural to use bamboo as it grows along the equator across the entire world, which means this idea can easily be exported to other countries in the third world without having to transport materials across the seas. The nice thing with bamboo is that it is also biodegradable making it entirely environmentally friendly.