Feel-good design


Do you utter expletives about hard sofas and tatty common areas at work? They influence you more than you think. Kinnarps checks out the exciting Productivity in offices survey, which for instance shows how staff turnover is drastically reduced when the office environment is improved.

It is easy at times to forget but it is the small things in life that are often vital when it comes to being happy. Not least when it comes to our workplaces which are surprisingly often neglected and outdated. Our society is developing at a crazy pace but it is not unusual that office workers still sit at the same desk they had ten years ago when they got the job. Just as the coffee machine is used until it falls apart or the shower heads in the changing rooms have been broken for as long as you can remember. Do you recognise this situation? So what happens when a workplace gets a major makeover? Productivity in offices revealed an immediate return on investment by fitting the office with stylish furnishings. Staff turnover fell on average from 40 to 10 percent in the companies surveyed. And not only that, staff said they were less stressed and there was much better camaraderie at work. See what a cup of coffee in a relaxing environment can do!