Flexible sofa


Spino is the sofa of opportunity. Build your own favourite shape!

What is the thing that a sofa often lacks? Flexibility of course. Sofas are large and unwieldy and not very easy to make any changes with. But have a closer look at Spino from Skandiform, which is one of Kinnarps' brands. The sofa, designed by the Swedish designer Stefan Borselius, is both innovative and comfortable and perfect for workplaces where there is a high tempo and there is a demand for adaptable furniture.
“I wanted to create a piece of furniture that adapts to a space based on environment and needs,” says Stefan about the sofa which is built up in modules. Spino, which is the Esperanto for spine, has no legs or a traditional front and back.
“Each module is like a prism that sticks into the floor, making it easy to get up off the sofa as well as preventing shoes from soiling the upholstery,” says Stefan, who is one of Sweden's most renowned designers with an unwavering ability to identify new solutions to old problems.
Build it in a circle or why not link them together to form a winding snake. You decide when it comes to Spino! Let the colours and imagination flow.