French flowers and bees


At Kinnarps France they are experts at flowers and bees. Not the birds and the bees, but actually flowers and bees. When customers visit the Kinnarps office on the outskirts of Paris, they not only experience Kinnarps' substantial interior design solutions but also get a green experience. And a jar of honey!

Four years ago, Kinnarps France's Financial Manager Stéphane Fouillard gave some thought as to what to do with the field outside the office. It was indeed pretty with its luscious green grass, but it cost a lot to maintain and the field was not really being used for anything.

Instead Stéphane wanted to create a useful green space, an area where both people and nature could grow. After having been in touch with a number of companies, Stéphane was finally offered a proposal which was exactly what he wanted. A concept offering low maintenance, an ecological way of managing the field without the use of chemicals and less water consumption.

"They also suggested that we should set up an insect hotel and install beehives, all to promote biological diversity," says Stéphane Fouillard.

No sooner said than done, there are now three beehives in the middle of all the beautiful flowers. Among the positive side effects brought about by the new green area is a product that is very much appreciated.

"All employees get a jar of honey each year. And any customers who visit us get to take home a jar of fresh Kinnarps honey."

The initiative is totally in line with Kinnarps' sustainability policy; promote biological diversity, no chemicals, less water consumption - all at a low cost. It is also an exciting experience to see when Kinnarps' beekeeper collects the honey from the hives.

"I am so happy that we decided to invest in this. Everyone at the company is very proud of our green area," concludes Stéphane.