Healing architecture


We know that architecture is more than just nice-looking buildings. But Michael Murphy, founder and CEO of Mass Design Group, thinks it can also change structures, give people hope and even have a healing effect.

In an emotional lecture on Ted Talks, he describes how his father survived a serious illness, and afterwards thanked the beautiful architecture of the hospital for giving him back the will to live.
  "It was there and then, as I stood with my father outside the hospital after his recovery, that I decided to become an architect."
Since that day, Murphy has been obsessed with the idea of inspiring the world through architecture.
  "It isn't something that should only be granted to rich people."
So it was obviously no coincidence that one of his first projects was a hospital in Rwanda, which took into account the fact that the electronics rarely work, for example, and the air is often of poor quality. The result was a building with natural air circulation and outdoor corridors. And instead of importing furniture, artisans and apprentices (from all backgrounds, half of them women) were employed to make everything by hand. The purpose of this was to give the building a value above and beyond its function – as a source of pride and unity. Watch Michael Murphy's exciting lecture and find about about more of his projects on ted.com.