Healthier in eco-friendly houses


Would you like to make smarter decisions, enjoy a better night's sleep and become more focused? Make sure then to work in an environmentally certified building.

This has been proven through a recent study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health. In total the researchers examined over 100 employees in ten different buildings, located in five different cities across the USA.  Their discoveries were astonishing.  The cognitive abilities of staff in green workplaces were improved by an average of 26 percent.  And not only that, the study also indicated that they were 44 percent more active, 38 percent more focused as well as being better able at coping with stress.  Something that was also mirrored at home by getting a better night's sleep and having fewer allergy problems.
They believe that a huge contribution to the good results is due to the ventilation in green buildings being so much more effective, emitting less carbon dioxide into the air thus increasing the oxygen levels in the bloodstream.