It’s about people


ERGONOMICS IS USUALLY DEFINED as the science of how worktools and the working environment affect people. If you remember one word from this definition, it should be ’people’. Because it’s us – you and I and our unique qualities – who are the starting point for everything Kinnarps does in the field of ergonomics.

The furniture we develop, manufacture and sell helps us to create good, well thought-out interior design solutions and more pleasant workplaces. But most importantly of all: Our work makes people feel good and be happy at work.

We live in an era of constant change, fast technological development and new demands on professional performance. So it is more important than ever to stop and reflect on how we work and what it means for us.

At Stockholm Furniture Fair we will launch our brand new Ergonomic magazine. It’s about well-being at work, and it’s about Kinnarps. Because ergonomics is so deeply rooted in who we are and what we do. But even that isn’t the end of it. It’s about so much more than how we sit, stand, carry stuff and meet each other at work. It’s about society. It’s about life. It’s about people.