Let everyone join in!


Everyone knows that smart interior design can do wonders for effectivity and job satisfaction within a company. But it isn't always enough to have the latest colour on the walls and the most stylish, functional furniture – it's just as important that we are involved in the decision making!

This is revealed in a unique report from Exeter University in England. When we are asked for our opinion we simply get a different sense of participation within the company. We don't always have to get what we want – the important thing is that the question is asked and that we have the possibility to join in and make a difference.
2,000 staff members participated in the survey, and the result is astonishing. Productivity increased by 32 percent amongst those who were allowed to partake in the decision making compared to the cases where a manager alone made all the decisions.
If you need support with the process we at Kinnarps have compiled our entire philosophy and knowledge under one concept called Next Office ABW, where we, together with you, can map exactly what your company needs are and then develop a plan. Learn more about it here!