Magical patterns


Art or design? One of the clearest trends right now is that designers are increasingly looking for unique idioms, away from the standard models. Here are some of the spring's most imaginative pattern solutions that we have checked out at Kinnarps.

Dutchwoman Aliki van der Kruijs is currently one of the world’s most interesting pattern makers. She had her breakthrough just over a year ago with a collection of fabrics called Made by Rain. In it she succeeded in using an entirely individual technique to photograph bouncing raindrops and then recreated this pattern on textiles.

”With my fabrics you can literally 'wear the weather on you'”, Alicia says about Made by Rain, which was also an environmental contribution and a comment on the climate situation. Just in her home country of Holland it rains four per cent more today than it did twenty years ago.

Aliki is now topical again and this time with a collection of rugs with an even more advanced technical solution. Textiles are mixed with microscopically small particles of glass, which make the rugs shimmer with changing hues depending on the direction from which one looks at them and how the suns rays are falling. Pattern magic!

Paola Navone is a veteran in the design industry. At the Milan Fair she displayed her new collection, Addiction, a series of wallpapers with a completely individual approach. We are used to wallpaper having repetitive patterns, but instead, Paola Navone here comes close to art. Three metre high fish are mixed with silhouettes of women against abstract backgrounds on a blue base, which has been Paola Navone’s signature colour. We simply have to agree – they are addictive!