Meeting-place Stockholm


Sixty of Europe’s leading architects came to Stockholm to look at design – and to celebrate the Swedish Midsummer Festival

Midsummer must be the year’s most relaxing holiday in Sweden. To come together with friends and family, eat good food and dance around a flower-bedecked pole can do wonders for even the most buttoned-up characters. Can you think of a better time to meet people from across borders? For fourteen of Sweden’s strongest design brands – including Kinnarps product brands Materia, NC Nordic Care and Skandiform – this was seen as an exceptional occasion to join forces and invite visitors to a unique joint meeting for the Swedish Midsummer Design Weekend.
“This is the second year that we have run this arrangement. Sixty of Europe’s leading architects from Germany, the Netherlands and England were on the spot in Stockholm during midsummer week,” says Project Leader Anders Wisth.
So what was it all about?
“The architects were able to visit the companies’ showrooms, rather like speed dating. A fantastic opportunity for the companies to present themselves and their products.”
What else was on the programme?
“We visited the Royal Palace and Stockholm’s former municipal architect Per Kallstenius held a much appreciated talk on the city from an architectonic perspective.”
But there was surely some time for a bit of midsummer celebrating?
“Certainly, we managed to fit in a tour of Stockholm’s archipelago and some classic Swedish midsummer cuisine with herring and schnapps.”