Office jungle


Bring nature indoors! It's the simplest way to create a better working environment in your office and improve the health of your staff.

Did you know that just a few pot plants can make a big difference? The first thing that happens is that the humidity in the air immediately increases, which is beneficial to both the mucous membranes and the skin, and the humidity also reduces the static electricity from computers. Another positive aspect is that the leaves of the potted plants attract dust and remove hazardous substances, such as benzene and formaldehyde, from the air. If any of your employees suffer from allergies this is really useful - and you don't need to worry about pot plants causing allergies because this is extremely rare. It's more of an issue with cut flowers.

Surveys show that employees who work for companies that have lots of pot plants have fewer days off sick and are generally healthier. And, in the US, it has even been found that in hospitals that invest in indoor plants patients recovered more quickly and fewer painkillers had to be administered.

Here are five green favourites for your own office jungle which are both appealing to the eye and beneficial to the health:

1. Chrysanthemum.
2. Gerbera.
3. Peace lily.
4 Ivy.
5. Fern.