Smart interior design


How can you make your employees happier and more effective? By investing in smart interior design! Kinnarps has taken a closer look at a hot, as well as interesting, topic concerning workplaces.

Recently a large survey (IPSOS Survey) was carried out in the USA where 90,000 office workers were interviewed. Of these, as many as 84 percent said that they have difficulty concentrating at work. They felt that they are constantly being interrupted, and can rarely complete a task. It is believed that this is because many workplaces today are made according to a standard format. There is no difference whether you are an accountant spending your days immersed in Excel sheets or if you are a salesperson constantly talking on the phone. Someone needs plenty of time to themselves. Another likes working in groups. Even so, the environments are identical. Smart interior design starts from actual working tasks and individual needs. In order to meet all these shifting demands Kinnarps takes a holistic approach to its solutions, something called Better at Work, which takes consideration of everything from sustainability and ergonomics, to design and innovation.