The Office Cart


The Andreu Carulla Studio designed a stylish cart for the +Vilar Restaurant in the Spanish town of Porqueres, which can just as well be used to fit out a stylish office pantry.

This stylish cart is available in two finishes, one for food and one for drinks. The food cart can be fitted with pots containing fresh herbs. This was also the original idea behind Andreu Carulla's design: patrons at a restaurant could themselves handpick their own fresh herbs straight from the pots. This concept is easy to apply to the pantry in an office: here it has fresh herbs at the bottom, a fruit basket on the top and becomes a very nice lunch spot for all staff. There are of course a wide range of carts available on the market. What makes Carulla's design special is that it is inspired by retro sports equipment and the design looks more like a chic old bicycle. It also has a practical application. Due to its shape, the cart can easily be pushed through small spaces and stowed away when not in use.