The mobile meeting room


One of the most fantastic places in J.K Rowling's books about Harry Potter and his friends is The Room of Requirement. A room which constantly adapts to any situation. Wouldn't it be incredibly nifty if a room like that existed in reality?

When Dumbledore feels that he needs to use the toilet the room immediately fills up with potties. Or when the cleaning utensils have run out at Hogwarts all Harry has to do is to sneak into The Room of Requirement and suddenly the mops and buckets are all lined up and the room has transformed into a cleaning cupboard.
Think if someone had such a smart solution in their lives...but alas, architecture is something solid and unchangeable, and once the house is built we have to live with it and adjust ourselves as best we can.
Or, is there another way? Could a Room of Requirement actually exist in real life?
Well, maybe not in such an advanced way as in the world of fairy tales, but as is often the case it's Google that is leading the way. The company that has made the whole world realise that all workplaces should have a basketball court, nursery and free lunches is now well under way to revolutionise the classical meeting room as well.
Together with the architectural firm AHMM they have developed a modular pod which has simply been named Jack. The pods can be erected anywhere, and can later be dismantled in a few hours. The principal is really the same as with furniture – Jack becomes a flexible part of the interior design. By simply experimenting one can discover what works best in an office environment. Or just add another pod/meeting room if the need arises. In that way Jack is a fantastic way to both test and change existing architectural design.
To start with 160 modular pods will be installed in Google's headquarters in England.
Dumbledore has been forewarned.

Photo AHMM