Kinnarps Magazine - NO.3

In this issue of Kinnarps Magazine, we’re going to take a look at the company and the environment with a perspective of more than a century. We’re covering Jarl Andersson, founder of Kinnarps, who reaches his 90th birthday this summer, and Next Office, a concept in the front line of safeguarding the future of his work.

And Kinnarps Magazine is dealing with the future in general. Topics include a visit to the style agency Carlin in Paris, and a quick look at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Make sure you don’t miss reading about FSC, the Forest Stewardship Council, an international organisation for certification of responsible forestry – one of the world’s leading standards for furniture and office equipment in wood. Kinnarps is ahead of events, and has already supplied FSC–certificated equipment to the Scottish Parliament building, among others.

So the theme is time and the future, not least in terms of our common environment – subjects well worth serious thought.

Henry Jarlsson