Instead of a reception, there is an unmanned waiting room – comfortable, welcoming, and cost-effective.

Module 1 – IT-consultancy in Stockholm

New equipment and higher costs per square metre – Module 1 saves SEK 3 million a year on new sites.


When Module 1 began to look for newer and more central premises, they were offered some 1000 m2 of completely empty office area to furnish more or less as they wished.

“A fantastic chance”, says CEO Christer Bergquist.“Wonderful modernised old premises in the tram depot, just a stone’s throw from the Stureplan, with a great deal of tradition and feeling in its walls. Just the place to create the precise environment we’d wanted for a long time. Modern, structured, and inspiring confidence – just how we want our customers to think of us.”

Module 1 is an IT consultancy that develops, quality-assures, and maintains business IT solutions. It also offers specialist IT services in a number of areas of competence. Since its foundation in 1991, the company had its offices in Solna in a mixed industrial area.

“In the course of time there was a full 3200 m2”, says Christer, “but it was not very modern and was hard to use effectively.”

“At the moment we have around 150 employees at our new address, a few less than at Solna, but we are spread out very well over only about a third of the previous area” – and, without hesitation, Christer promises, “everyone has got a significantly better workplace, in terms of both comfort and efficiency.”

“The total contract went to Belkos and as far as workplace environment is concerned the choice was Kinnarps who could offer exactly the ‘style and choice’ we were looking for. They could deliver everything from workplace and environment furniture to odd items like specially-designed wastebaskets and ‘desk-tops’ in glass. In total, I think, they managed 23 subcontractors.” “In our old premises”, explains Christer, “offices were based around the personal workplaces with few common spaces. Now we have six smaller conference rooms, and one large area with space for 16 people – everything else is open-plan work areas where people sit together. In all, there are 76 seated workplaces available for 150 employees.”

“An apparently difficult equation”, he says,“but because it is a fundamental concept of our operations that staff should mainly be located at customers’ premises, it works fine.”

“The complete contract, including Ann-Charlotte Nilsson, the architect engaged by Belkos, and other subcontractors, was purchased at an all-in price. And our calculations show that the new premises, despite a significantly higher cost per square metre, shows a substantial saving of as much as three million kronor (circa £230,000) a year”, claims Christer, “plus the fact that we have obtained a very much better working environment in most respects. It is more practical, very much more comfortable, more ergonomic, and it projects a significantly better image than the Solna premises did.”

“An interesting side-effect of all this is that we are finding it easier to recruit qualified staff – at least, that’s how I feel” Christer hedges, “but I’ll certainly bet we’ve become a lot more interesting to visit at our new address. In Solna,we had at best three to four client visits per week. Now we have more than that per day!”

“The whole process from decision to moving in took less than a year. It was notable that it was possible to keep all costs within budget and that timescales were also maintained. It wasn’t even especially stressful in the end”, he concludes with a smile.

“Altogether, I am very satisfied with our suppliers and how successful they’ve been with our new premises. Naturally, our needs will change with time, because we operate in a dynamic industry, but at the moment everything is just perfect”, concludes Christer Bergquist, “there is nothing to regret or change, down to the smallest detail.”