Next Office

Everyone who works with office equipment does so with at least one eye on the future. But ‘tomorrow’s office environment’ is very often no more than an abstract report of spectacular possibilities. Kinnarps Next Office signals something much more – a concrete and well-developed concept: your next office, prepared for your immediate needs but value-guaranteed for those to come.

A good office environment should be developed for people as well as for the company. It should be adapted to industry-specific and cultural requirements, and, not least, should contribute to efficiency and comfort.

But to earn the epithet ‘good’, it must also be able to fulfil all these requirements in a long-term perspective.This is precisely what Kinnarps Next Office Concept does, and does it as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

It may seem like an exaggeration to talk about evolution to describe an office concept; but the comparison is relevant, because Next Office really does work as a concept in continuous development. A concept that makes use of all alternative development routes, which over time evaluates and incorporates the best and rejects what is too old or unsuitable. All this means that Next Office will always be fully in tune with the times.

This task is of course enormous in a time when development rates are faster than ever, when novelty is in such sharp focus that change has acquired a value of its own. But where the social infrastructure at the same time indicates an average salary earner of over rather than under 50 years! And all this set in the perspective of the really big challenge: to keep both young and older competence in the company.

To this already complex situation has to be added cultural differences that must be bridged in an international concept. But also hard fact such as that, previously, most employees spent 100% of their work time at their desk.Today the figure is about half that, with perhaps only a third sitting at their own workplace – if indeed they have one. The basic idea of Next Office is to provide potential customers with customised, futureproof solutions. The starting point is Kinnarps’ general industrial and secure environmental competence through external experts and collaborative partners.

Company-specific knowledge is collected naturally via the customer. With all necessary information as a base, Kinnarps can tailor the office environment to the special needs of each user. In this way, Next Office becomes a workshop in which it is possible to carve out the best solution for each customer in a collaborative project.The effect is a consensual solution with a high level of satisfaction for all parties, especially the customer.

Because of this, Next Office is very much an up-to-date and internationally marketable concept; demonstrated not least by the establishment in Ratingen, Düsseldorf, Kinnarps’ head office in Germany. There, the concept has already proved to be a success, with notable seminars and workshops that attracted participants from industryleading companies.

So if Kinnarps believes in its own concept and is investing heavily in Next Office, it’s not so strange – actually, the most natural thing in the world.