The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

One of Europe’s largest FSC-certified office furniture deliveries.

One of Europe’s largest office furniture installations certified in accordance with FSC1 (Forest Stewardship Council) certification has been delivered by Kinnarps office furniture.The Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh specified furniture from Swedish company Kinnarps, which is manufactured using raw materials from responsibly managed forests.

When the Scotland Act 1998 was passed it led to the establishment of the first Scottish Parliament since 1707. The Holyrood building was officially opened by Her Majesty the Queen on 9 October 2004. In her speech, the Queen described Holyrood as a "landmark for 21st century democracy".

As part of stringent procurement standards, when it came to office furniture, The Scottish Parliament demanded a combination of best quality and robust environmental standards. After a rigorous tender and appraisal process new FSCcertified office furnishings from Swedish furniture manufacturer Kinnarps were chosen.This office furniture installation is one of the first of such volume in Europe to fulfil requirements in accordance with FSC.

“It is extremely satisfying to see that a leading European furniture manufacturer like Kinnarps has progressed so far as to receive FSC certification for such a complex product. This means greater opportunities for end customers to choose FSC-certified products, and thus contributing to the message that the world’s forests can be responsibly managed,” says Michael Spencer, Head of Marketing at FSC International. “FSC forestry certification is today being used all over the world, and there are now just over 47 million hectares of FSC-certified forest in 60 countries. Access to FSC raw materials is increasing all the time, creating opportunity for processing industries to increase FSC share in their products”, he continues.

Tomas Ekström, the Environmental Manager at Kinnarps, says the company has had a consistent approach for many years to develop and constantly improve procedures that safeguard the environment.“As far back as the beginning of the 1990s, we were receiving environmental honours in recognition of our efforts and the achieved results”, says Tomas.

“That is why it was perfectly natural for us to get involved with the FSC right from the start. You have to remember that producing an entire range of furniture that fulfils FSC requirements is a complicated process for any large manufacturer. Especially when the supply of FSC-certified raw materials is limited. Through major internal commitment and great help from our suppliers, we have now achieved a major goal a complete installation that we can deliver with FSC certification. At the same time we see very interesting development ahead, to further enhance our processes and deliver more and more FSC-certified products to our customers in the future”, concludes Tomas Ekström.