Stockholm Furniture Fair

Our debut took place at Cologne in 2004, where Kinnarps, Materia, Klaessons and Skandiform appeared together for first time. At this year’s furniture exhibition in Stockholm, where we took the opportunity to expand our display space, they all had their own stands – “A marvellous display”, as Kinnarps’ architect Rune Karlsson put it.“Together, we exhibited virtually every aspect of how a good office environment should be designed in order to provide ‘a good day at work’.”


Daring to promise a good day at work through a good office environment is both a bold and controversial undertaking. Surely the truth is that the experience depends on completely different causes?

“Without a doubt”, Rune agrees, “factors like responsible leadership, good work colleagues, and reasonable tasks are naturally considerably more significant than office furniture and equipment. But while it is important to look after the social and corporate conditions, it is easy to see these as being taken for granted in modern company culture, so it is to a large extent the physical environment that determines how you get through your working day. In other words, how well you can perform, how comfortable you feel, and, not least, how you can have good, meaningful free time after work”.

Kinnarps has a two-storey stand at the Fair.On the upper floor, there is an open-air cafeteria with a good view over the rest of the exhibition. When we look out over the sea of exhibits we are faced with a pretty lively if motley picture of non-stop colour and an appearance of massive and well-used individual freedom.

Closer to home, on Kinnarps’ own stand, we can see developments in another, perhaps more important perspective. Precisely-made design, in desks with chamfered edges, handles, and controls with softly-rounded corners. Shapes and materials that are pleasing to look at and touch. Small but important details that aim directly at the user with functional, visual, and tactile messages. Designed for you on your own terms!

“The aim of our workplace furniture is to give people the best conditions in which to work”, says Rune.“But we don’t stop at just a good office environment based only on workplace furniture. A good day at work also needs stimulus and positive experience from the surrounding equipment.”

“It is here that Kinnarps Premium Brands, Klaessons, Materia, and Skandiform come into the picture – all with a clear individuality that satisfy various demands and tastes, from the classical austere style to innovative designs and soft, pleasant fashion furniture.”

With our combined resources, we can offer a completely adapted office environment no matter what the customer needs.To clarify the picture, we can place office work on an equal footing with production processes in an industrial company, and regard workplace furniture as a tool for the main process. Because the conditions for production vary,we offer several parallel workplace designs with ‘all’ combination possibilities. Previously, the aim was to maintain a unified line throughout the office. Nowadays, people choose a significantly freer style, mixing tables and chairs from various designs – or like many, often larger companies, ordering specially- manufactured workplaces.

“All other furniture and equipment details”, continues Rune, “can be regarded as support functions to optimise the main process, which in a human perspective means stimulus, variety, and possibilities for relaxation – in other words, everything we need to perform well and be happy at work. And in this work”, concludes Rune, “no amount of care is excessive.Take our new Series T desk for sedentary work as a good example. The electrically-powered desktop can be raised and lowered by 22 cm – which may look like an insignificant detail, but in a full day perspective can be quite crucial in terms of whether the user is going to have a good or a bad day at work!”