Halcyon days for Kinnarps in Prague!

In Nove Butovice in the heart of central Prague, lies the Optima Butovic Shopping Centre in one of the city's most thriving business districts.This spectacular, multifunctional complex accommodates everything from a 14,000 m2 hypermarket of gallerias, to facilities for sports and leisure activities, cafés, restaurants and an eight-storey office building. Ahold relocated its Hypernova hypermarket here in the spring of 2005. And the premises of Ahold Central Europe, occupying six floors, is equipped with Swedish office furniture from Kinnarps.

Ahold is one of the world's largest supermarket operators. It holds a leading position on the US mega market and is in a class of its own as the largest operator on its Dutch home territory. Ahold is also market leader in the Czech Republic where it is very well known, not least due to its popular Albert and Hypernova hypermarkets. So the establishment of Ahold Central Europe in Prague comes as no surprise - conversely, it may be worth mentioning that the company chose Swedish office furniture from Västergötland for its new office complex.

Kinnarps is a well-known actor on the global market, but its Swedish origin was probably irrelevant in this context. However, the Nordic image of light wood, bright colours and high degree of userfriendliness were all decisive factors. However, the yearning for light and a “good day at work” are by no means local preferences: they cross borders and are equally appreciated by a broad international clientele.

Ahold chose Kinnarps to supply the new furniture for Ahold Central Europe. The comprehensive purchase project took about a year from initial contact to final delivery. Katerina Cervenkova, Sales Director for Kinnarps in the Czech Republic, was involved in the negotiations and told us why Ahold chose Kinnarps.

The fundamental reason for Ahold's decision, according to Katerina, was the high quality and extensive range of our offer.We presented three different types of workstations: “standard”,“executive” and “top management”. All of them with the right quality at the right price – we might venture to assert now the cat's in the bag, adds Katerina cautiously. Another important factor was our high-class range of office chairs that made Ahold reconsider its original idea of having various chairs for different positions. In the end, they chose the highest standard for all employees.

– But what swung the deal was that the Kinnarps concept and range dovetailed so well with Ahold's own plans, according to Katerina. Our philosophy of user-friendly furniture and environments, simple flexible solutions and vivid colours have begun to have a great impact on the market.All of which harmonised perfectly with Ahold's new premises. Both externally with the building's unusual facade and internally where each floor has different pastel carpets. Our pale birch furniture naturally played a big part here, being almost tailor-made for the large open spaces with their airy interiors and cheerful colours.

Many factors thus played a part in Ahold's choice of Kinnarps, Katerina concludes. The most important was perhaps that we could offer a good, wellfunctioning integrated solution – which is why Ahold ultimately decided to entrust the delivery of 400 complete workstations to us.