Aker Kværner

Aker Kvaerner replaces 900 workplaces without ruffling its operations!

Mention the word oil or gas and add the North Sea as a geographical location.Your thoughts will certainly take you to Norway and its worldwide leading offshore industry with Aker Kvaerner at the forefront - perhaps the foremost symbol for Norway's unparalleled success.

Aker Kvaerner, with deep roots in Norway's traditional power supply and shipbuilding industries, made the definitive move to the offshore industry in the early 1970s. Today, Aker Kvaerner is the world's largest engineering and construction company straddling sectors such as oil, gas, chemicals and shipbuilding – with more than 22,000 employees throughout the world. The company employs 11,000 in Norway alone, distributed among locations such as Oslo, Kristiansand, Stord, Bergen, Egesund and not least Stavanger.

“All these employees”, says Aker Kvaerner's Svein-Erik Ommundsen, Regional Manager South, Facility Management, “naturally need good office workplaces. Over the years we have used various suppliers.We did this to make the most of the competitive situation as well as to try out and evaluate various alternatives. But to make sure that 11,000 employees have modern efficient workplaces”, continues Svein-Erik, “is a tall order that costs both time, energy and money.”

“Kinnarps has been among our suppliers for many years and has always come up trumps during that time”, says Svein-Erik. “We were assured good prices and high quality in terms of both products and commitment. Kinnarps is altogether a very reliable supplier with solid logistical and organizational resources.

Thanks to the mutual trust that has grown through the years, we decided to sign a local framework agreement with Kinnarps for Norway in 2005. To begin with, it covered some 900 workplaces with desks, office chairs, storage units and screens.

An initial 135 complete workplaces were supplied to our offices in Stavanger. After evaluating them, we placed additional large orders for our offices in Kristiansand, Stord, Egersund and Bergen, a volume of between 600 - 700 items for office chairs alone.

“We make every use of Kinnarps skill to get the best and most cost-effective workplaces”, says Svein-Erik, “for instance we see it as a basic requirement to use standard furniture as far as possible.”

We have enjoyed very good cooperation with Kinnarps, not least in Stavanger between their distributor Konmøb and our purchasing department. The basic condition was that our engineers could have their workplaces replaced while they were present in the premises without any loss of working time.

Our success was the result of very precise planning according to the principle of “one desk in and one desk out” – quite simply a replacement of workplaces where everything could be moved from the old one to the new one with minimum disturbance to working routines. Some of the old furniture could be used in less demanding environments within the company. It was transported to its new location with the aid of Kinnarps, who also saw to it that surplus furniture was disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.”

Pål Rogdeberg, Kinnarps, and Svein-Erik Ommundsen, Aker Kværner “The framework agreement with Aker Kvaerner is a great success for Kinnarps activities here in Norway”, says Pål Rogdeberg, Sales Manager for Konmøb, Kinnarps distributor in Stavanger. “Among other things this order represents the single largest delivery of office desks in Kinnarps entire history. It is particularly gratifying that we were able to satisfy Aker Kvaerner's requirement for adjusting the height of a standard desk: our series[T]™ sit-sit desk can be raised precisely by 222 mm with a single press of a button within a range from 600 to 820 mm.

“As regards the installations in Stavanger”, continues Pål, “I am happy to stress the excellent cooperation with Aker Kvaerner's purchasing department and their project leader Rune Monsen. Their excellent planning and cooperation meant that the old workplaces were dismantled and the new ones assembled with great efficiency and almost completely without a hitch.”

“In conclusion I can say that the largely completed project here in Stavanger has gone just as smoothly as we had planned and hoped for”, says Svein-Erik. “And this bodes well for the future, both for us internally and for our potential cooperation with Kinnarps”, concludes a satisfied Svein- Erik Ommundsen.