Kinnarps Magazine - NO.8

Future orientation is a ubiquitous trend. It’s obvious that we’re in the midst of an economic boom with all that it implies. Our strongly positive sales figures reflect the fact that many companies and organisations are investing in new office environments and consequently in their employees. More and more of them are realizing that the well-being and happiness of their employees is vital for their success and for becoming even more profitable. There is strong competition for capable employees, and an attractive work environment is a key factor in recruiting and retaining them. Increasing costs of premises and new ways of working also make demands on innovative solutions for the work environments of the future. The Kinnarps business concept is to offer integrated solutions for the workplace that optimize both efficiency and well-being. Apart from ergonomically designed furniture and efficiently planned solutions, we look at complete solutions in which lighting also plays a major part. You can read about it that as well as many other things in this magazine.

Looking forward to even more luminous times!

Per-Arne Andersson
MD, Kinnarps Marketing & Sales AB