A German legend

For the second year running, the Stockholm Design Week kicked off with a seminar on light – Light Now. One of the three speakers was German designer Ingo Maurer who has been called everything from a master poet of light and a design legend to a magician and the godfather of lighting design. Born in 1932, after more than 200 products and innumerable installations and awards, he continues to be fascinated by light and loves to play with it. His breakthrough came in the 1960s with his Bulb, a gigantic bare incandescent lamp, and he has since used the most unexpected materials in his creations. Ceramic shards, paper, mirrors, tin cans, feathers, gold-plated aluminium, rain, tea strainers, colour tubes, even live goldfish. In short – Ingo Maurer never stops surprising and fascinating us. See his latest creations at Euroluce in Milan in April!