Kinnarps CEO Henry Jarlsson accepts the “Outstanding Green Supplier” Prize from Financial Markets Minister Mats Odell.

Award for serious and innovative environmental commitment

Kinnarps has known for a long time that serious environmental activities are worthwhile. But it’s certainly very pleasing to win a prize for it on occasion!

With due pomp and ceremony, Kinnarps received the prestigious Outstanding Green Supplier prize at the annual conference for green procurement from the Swedish Financial Markets Minister at the beginning of March. The prize is awarded by the Swedish Environmental Management Council (MSR) whose brief is to help organisations in both private and public sectors to introduce and develop environmental activities for sustainable development. It goes to those companies and purchasing organisations who successfully contribute to a reduced environmental impact and aims to highlight those who work seriously and innovatively with environmentally oriented procurement. By showing good examples of how we can contribute to reducing our environmental impact through insisting on certain purchasing conditions, the MSR wishes to inspire others to aim for greater environmental compliance. Henry Jarlsson, Kinnarps Group CEO was naturally both pleased and proud. “To receive a prize as Outstanding Green Supplier means a lot. It is confirmation that our environmental commitment, which permeates everything we do, not only contributes to a reduced environmental impact but is also a natural part of smart entrepreneurship. It is certainly quite natural for Kinnarps, as resource management has been one of our lodestars ever since we began manufacturing furniture in 1942, so this way of thinking existed long before the global environmental threat became a reality.”

The jury’s reasons were:
“Kinnarps was awarded the prize of Outstanding Green Supplier 2009 because they have a long tradition of working seriously with environmental questions and appreciate the importance of aiming at sustainable development. For many years, Kinnarps has stood for innovation within product development and material processes while working to ensure that the wood raw materials used in its products come from responsibly managed forests. At the same time, Kinnarps has assumed its responsibility to contribute its expertise and views, within the sectors that affect its activities, to other agents on both national and international levels.”

The Swedish Environmental Management Council is a company owned jointly by the Swedish Government, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprises and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions.