Kinnarps Magazine - NO.12

Green light for good business

At Kinnarps, environmental work and commercialism have always gone hand in hand. The overall view is naturally even more important today now that everyone is affected by the financial and climate crises in one way or another.

It is also a way of thinking and working that is reflected in our current campaign with the telling name “Think Green. Save Money”. Make sure you find out how both halves of the equation fit together! It’s good to see that others are beginning to realise that consideration for the environment is a natural part of intelligent business. Not least in relation to construction. You can read more about this in the article on green architecture in this issue of Kinnarps Magazine.

The economic downturn will naturally continue to affect Kinnarps’ actions. For example, we are
strengthening our presence in several important markets in order to be closer to our customers and continue to work hard to be a solid partner.

There are obviously many customers who appreciate our efforts. Despite uncertain times, we can take pleasure in new agreements with Nokia Siemens Networks, Airbus and Fortum, among others.

All this means that, after all, the future is looking bright for Kinnarps. Or maybe I should say green?

Per-Arne Andersson
Vice president, Kinnarps AB
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