Goodbye light bulb

After 130 years, it is now the end of the line for one of the world’s most pioneering inventions, Thomas Edison’s light bulb. Amazing in so many ways, but unfortunately also an energy glutton of the highest degree. Barely 10 per cent of electricity consumed goes into producing light, the rest creates heat and the result of the ban will hopefully counteract global warming. Manufacturing and importing frosted incandescent light bulbs and clear incandescent light bulbs over 100 W has been banned in the EU since 1 September. During the next three years, lower wattage bulbs will be phased out, followed by a tightening of the performance requirements for LED, low-energy and halogen lights, which are the light sources of the future. And if you’re worried about chandeliers, don’t be, tomorrow’s chandeliers will probably have integrated LEDs in the crystals.