Kinnarps Magazine - NO.9

Towards a lighter future We are seeing a continuing trend towards a lighter future. Kinnarps’ corporate mission implies acting as a partner who assumes full responsibility from initial proposals for furnishing solutions to delivery and assembly: a cost-effective approach that gives our customers the assurance of being in safe hands. Our aim is to achieve an understanding of your furnishing requirements and create a well-functioning and attractive workplace. In this issue of Kinnarps Magazine you can read about how we teamed up with two young female designers who focus precisely on wellbeing. One of them is Sigrid Strömgren who is behind the Silent Whisper sound-absorbent table. Its secret lies in a vibration-attenuating material that produces an amazing result: it reduces the sound output by 10 decibels. The other is Kajsa Nordström: apart from having designed the Viper chair and table, her interest centres on the office environment as a whole. She sees the needs of the employees as paramount. And that harmonises wonderfully with our basic vision. Welcome to Kinnarps!

Per-Arne Andersson
MD, Kinnarps Marketing & Sales AB