Eight kilos of inspiration

A big book about a great artist. That’s how we might describe the eight kilogram book entitled: “An Encyclopedia – Studio Olafur Eliasson”. The Danish-Icelandic artist, born in 1967 and resident in Berlin, invites readers to take a really imaginative and inspiring journey through his creative processes. Eliasson, one of the greatest figures in contemporary Nordic art, was recently in the limelight with his four extremely wellreceived waterfalls, between 30 and 40 metres high, in New York. He often uses natural elements such as fog, ice, the sun and light in his work, as the reader can discover in the book. It describes his work, which is often constructed like a scientific experiment, in German, English and French, and naturally – in photographs. Optical illusions, waves and vibrations, great and small marvels. An excellent Christmas present for anyone interested in art; order it from Taschen!