Light in the darkness

Just right for the season when the nights draw in, Iittala is presenting some of Scandinavia’s leading designers in its collection Ambient Light. There are contributions from Alvar Aalto, Harri Koskinen and Thomas Sandell, but the most interesting light diffuser is Swedish design duo Broberg & Ridderstråle for their modern oil lamp called August. However, the oil has been replaced by the latest lighting technology – namely long-life light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The designers’ idea was to combine modernity with the nostalgic ambience of a classical oil lamp - everything in a clear, minimal form. The name was taken from Sweden’s greatest writer August Strindberg, who sat in the light of an oil lamp when we wrote his masterworks. But also from the month in which the light of summer begins slowly but surely to fade, which is precisely what we need this August.