100% recyclable surface material

Kinnarps is excited to announce the release of their own unique, cost-effective and 100% recyclable worktop finish.
This new technique is a low risk, environmentally advanced, paint-type finish, using no glue or veneer, to achieve a high quality finish. Indistinguishable from real wood, and available in birch, beech and oak effect, this is all achieved without compromising the recycling potential of the material at the end of its life.
Hardwearing and durable, tests show that the material withstands the ageing process up to 75% better than veneered surfaces, greatly reducing the effects of direct sunlight and pressure. To further prove its durability, abrasion tests have shown the surface to be two and a half times more resilient than melamine.
The material production process proves that being environmentally-friendly can be both cost and resource efficient. As the only wood involved in manufacturing is chipboard – itself a recycled product - the need to stock different types of veneer or melamine is eliminated and waste produced during manufacture is kept to a minimum. The process also uses only solvent-free fluids, ensuring significantly less environmental impact than traditional finishing methods.
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