Kinnarps CEO’ won the prize “Entrepreneur Of The Year”

Kinnarps CEO Henry Jarlsson has been awarded the Ernst & Young’s prize “Entrepreneur Of The Year” in West Sweden.  

Jury’s motivation reads as follows:
“Henry Jarlsson is a fantastic entrepreneur. His capacity of bringing ideas together and making visions reality is extraordinary. Henry Jarlsson has through his work served as an example for Swedish entrepreneurs, where innovations together with visions and actions have given the company a leading position.”

Henry Jarlsson comments the good news:
- Kinnarps has always been a company with an enterprising spirit. The driving force, not only for me but for the whole organisation, is to do things better and better. This applies as well for the interior solutions, as our environmental work and our transport services. Of course I am glad to receive recognition, but I do not see this as a personal prize, more as an acknowledgement and proof that Kinnarps is working the right way. 

Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur Of The Year” is one of the world’s most prestigious business awards for entrepreneurs. Henry Jarlsson won one of the district finals in Sweden and will now compete for the Swedish title in January 2009.