Kinnarps encourages environmental initiatives

Kinnarps considers environmental issues to be important and works proactively to test and evaluate new solutions for environmental work. To encourage others to do the same, an annual environmental prize is given to a supplier who has significantly contributed to environmental work. This time the prize was given to Mack Fanér Trading AB.

Mack Fanér in Vaggeryd, Sweden, sells FSC certified wood to Kinnarps. They receive the prize for their work to guarantee that their wood comes from responsible managed forests in Europe. They have managed to create a continuous chain of producers, suppliers, sawmills and agents within the forestry industry who all guarantee that lumber comes from certified forests.

“Kinnarps environmental prize is a way to pay attention on exemplary environmental work. To reduce our effect on the environment is not one man’s job but a task for the whole industry. It is important for us to have our suppliers working with environmental issues and we want to support that work. Therefore we want to reward suppliers like Marc Fanér who has taken the initiative and created possibilities for innovation and improvement” says Tomas Ekström, Director of Quality and Environment at Kinnarps.

Kinnarps has worked with FSC certified wood since 1999. The demand for FSC certified furniture has increased most probably due to the increased commitment to work with environmental issues and against illegal felling of forests.
“We would like to buy more FSC-certified wood but it is only a few suppliers who can deliver since we put a great emphasis on the possibility to trace the origin of the wood. Therefore we welcome Marc Fanér’s initiative and encourage other suppliers to follow Marc Fanér’s example” says Tomas Ekström.

Kinnarps environmental prize is given annually.

*FSC, Forest Stewardship Council, is the world’s leading organisation for developing standards for forestry and certifications for responsible management of the world’s forests. Read more on

For more information please contact:
Tomas Ekström, Director of Quality and Environment
Phone: +46 515 381 40