Kinnarps encourages participating in Earth Hour 2009

Many are aware that WWFs’ manifestation Earth Hour takes place on Saturday the 28th of March between 20.30 and 21.30. It is only natural that Kinnarps participates in an initiative like this.

Earth Hour was founded by WWF Australia and has since then spread massively around the world. The success behind the initiative is mainly based on that it is an event that people easily can support and show their commitment to find climate solutions.

Kinnarps participation in this initiative will manifest itself in that we will turn of all possible electronic equipment in our three factories in Sweden. Our sales offices around the world are also encouraged to participate as well and of course, we also invite all our staff to participate by switching of lights, computers, televisions and other types of equipment at home during this manifestation.
We at Kinnarps believe that reduced use of energy is not only smart for fighting global warming – it is also smart for the wallet. By saving resources one can come a long way to reduce ones impact on the environment and save money while doing it.

Henry Jarlsson, CEO of Kinnarps, emphasises that participating in WWFs’ initiative Earth hour comes natural for Kinnarps and is line with the company’s overall work to reach a long-term sustainable development. Kinnarps Head of Quality and Environment Tomas Ekström explains;

“Our work to minimize our effect on the environment, to use resources smart and efficiently and to take our responsibility towards our community is what Kinnarps efforts is all about. Environmental efforts are more than just caring for the environment. We therefore encourage our customers to participate in Earth Hour and by this aiding to send a clear message of how important it is that we all assist in reducing our impact on global warming. Apart from this we also know that you can save some money while being good!”

For further information, please contact:
Tomas Ekström, Head of Quality and Environment
Direct/mobile: +46(0)515 – 38140