Kinnarps has received diploma for climate initiative

Kinnarps has received a diploma for its participation in CSR Western Sweden's climate initiative. Kinnarps chose to join the initiative just before the climate conference in Copenhagen in 2010 and has worked with five different environmental challenges to reduce the climate impact. This has Kinnarps promised:

  • We will develop an Action Plan on how we can reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We will reduce our carbon emissions.
  • We will streamline our use of energy.
  • We will choose the good environmental choice when it comes to electricity.
  • We will use new technology and use video and telephone conferences.

The evaluations of these promises were made last autumn and it showed that Kinnarps has made progress in many areas. Most characteristic was the improved energy efficiency, where the amount of energy used per cubic meter of production fell from 103.5 kWh to 98.6 kWh (4.7%) between 2009 and 2010.

”We take sustainability issues seriously, says Henric Wahlgren, Kinnarps’ sustainability manager. In addition to working with what we promised in the CSR Western Sweden's climate initiative, we have also worked to develop a new group wide sustainability program. When we have this program in place in the organisation, we will be able to accelerate our way towards a sustainable future.”

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