Sound work environments improve businesses’ bottom line

Australians work the longest hours in the developed world - with the average worker spending 38 years of their life working in an office and 5.7 years in meetings.

These figures are among many interesting facts revealed today by office furniture manufacturer, Kinnarps.

Philip Ebbersten, Kinnarps Australia’s Managing Director said being new to the Australian market prompted Kinnarps to undertake research to gain an understanding of the Australian office environment and to bring to light the effects an office environment can have on people.

‘Our findings reflect international trends, but what sets Australia apart is the fact that Australians work the longest hours, reflecting that relatively less time is spent with family and friends.

‘Each work related injury costs companies approximately $50,000 in extra wages, compensation and lost time with 33 per cent of all occupational injuries and illnesses resulting from repetitive motion. Australian businesses can help prevent injuries and increase productivity levels by eight to 40 percent, by investing in ergonomic furniture.

‘Badly designed chairs can also impact on employees’ health leading to back and neck pain, which can affect companies’ bottom line. Research shows that spending an additional $300 on a desk chair could enable an employee to work and be productive an extra 5 minutes, which would give companies a return on investment of $2000-$3000 in 2 years,’ he added.

Kinnarps findings through third party research include:

  • 33% of all occupational injuries and illnesses result from repetitive motion
  • 2,686,250 Australians will change jobs each year
  • Office workers who spend 12 hours or more sitting are at higher risk of fatal blood clots than passengers on long-haul flights
  • One in five people work 50 hours a week in Australia

To illustrate these finding, Kinnarps has produced a series of ‘did you know’ facts which have been compiled into an animated graphic.

Go to or to view the complete Kinnarps findings.

This is the first of many ‘did you know’ presentations compiled by Kinnarps. More are to be released.