Kinnarps appoints new CEO

Per Arne Andersson is appointed new CEO of Kinnarps, one of Europe’s largest workplace furniture suppliers. Previous CEO Henry Jarlsson, son of Kinnarps founders Jarl and Evy Andersson, resigns after 37 years as CEO in the company. Mr. Jarlsson will now become the President of Kinnarps Holding AB and will also become Chairman of the Board for Kinnarps AB.

Per- Arne Andersson, an economist from Jönköping has spent his last sixteen years within the Kinnarps organisation. The last two years he was Vice President of the Kinnarps Group.

“I am humbled and excited to take on this challenge. We have an established strategy in place and will stay on target. Our focus, as always, is on our customers and increased profit in Sweden and internationally,” said Per- Arne Andersson.

“I am very comfortable with this change,” said Henry Jarlsson. “The family will continue to hold an active ownership position in the Kinnarps Group and a new, younger CEO who holds a long history within the organization is a wonderful match,” continues Henry Jarlsson.

Kinnarps has expanded rapidly over the years and presents a turnover of four billion SEK with offices in 40 countries.  Recently, Kinnarps acquired a German furniture company including two factories and established sales organisation. An instrumental acquisition for international success.

“Therefore, in order to meet our international goals, we will enhance our Board with two external members,” said Henry Jarlsson.

There is a strong focus on building the Kinnarps Group. Materia Group, which includes Materia, Skandiform and NC, will become an independent entity within the Kinnarps Holding, while other branches of the organization will stay within Kinnarps AB.

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Per-Arne Andersson