Sickla – Kinnarps’ new land mark

A  year and a half ago the first ground was broken to build the new Kinnarps design house in Sickla, Sweden. Now the building, which is designed with inspiring work space in mind, has been completed. Yesterday, September 25th, the spectacular show room in the new building was inaugurated.

Kinnarps’ new ten storey design house has a strategic location in Sicka, which is located between Stockholm and Nacka close to Hammarby seaport. The area is one of the newest and fastest growing housing areas in the capital. Kinnarps will be using half of the 5 000 sq m building and the rest will be rented to interested tenants.

”Stockholm is a central market for Kinnarps and our ambition is that this new design house will work as our flagship in Sweden. Here we can show everything we have to offer including our collection, our offers and all our trademarks and how they all come together”, says Per-Arne Andersson, Managing Director for Kinnaprs Marketing & Sales AB.

Big windows and open floor plan are distinctive marks for the new building. The new show room is spread over four storeys showing collections for all Kinnarps business sectors: office, school and care. The thought is that both small and bigger organisations can get inspiration and understanding for the varying conditions of the human body. Work space has always been the centre of attention.

The building is designed by Archus architects. The vision was for the building to give visitors a strong positive experience. The goal has always been to create a land mark in Sickla – to create a Kinnarps building by-passers notice.

“With this investment we want to show Swedish market that Kinnarps still remains the leading supplier of overall interior solutions for office and public space. Kinnarps continues to plan for success. During the last six months we have opened three new show rooms in Europe” says Per-Arne Andersson.

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