The Swedes hit town: Kinnarps ticks all the boxes

Earlier last year, Kinnarps hosted a unique media launch in conjunction with opening up the doors to their new showroom in North Sydney. On the eve of the opening of DesignEX, Managing Director Philip Ebbersten, together with award-winning Australian ergonomist Grant Richter, introduced the company to the ASIA Pacific market.

Originating in 1942 in Sweden as a two man family owned business, 65 years later Kinnarps is leading Europe in complete furniture solutions, with an approximate turnover of $1AU billion a year.

The company has a tradition of emphasising quality across the board. In Europe today, the Kinnarps name is synonymous with high-quality, sustainable and value-for-money total
office furniture solutions.

“Kinnarps is expanding on the back of the company’s biggest global product launch ever, which took place in 2007. With a strong Australian growth in the office furniture market, the timing could not be better after several great years in Europe and the Middle East”, explained Philip Ebbersten, Managing Director of Kinnarps in Australia.

What makes Kinnarps unique is their quality control. Kinnarps assumes environmental responsibility for everything: from their raw materials and production to the delivery and installation of complete furnishing solutions.

Kinnarps considers that every piece of the jigsaw is as important as the next. Although perhaps not as headline-grabbing as singling out one product to be marketed as a ’green saviour’, Kinnarps believes their holistic approach carries a more powerful message.